The path of market development comes along with many legal tasks, responsibilities and formalities. 

tn consulting offers comprehensive professional services that secure successful expansion of business activities to Germany and China.


Company Foundation

We are proud of being a trusted founding partner: Our expertise enables companies to set up local subsidiaries quickly, reliably and in accordance with the law.

Customer Interaction

tn consulting ensures consistent communication between actors in Germany and China. We lead through contract negotiations and maintain close contact with customers and stakeholders.

IPR Protection

Our legal department takes care of patent and trademark protection in China and Germany and handles communication with local authorities.

Headquarter Support

For Chinese organizations, we act as a legal representative and attend meetings on behalf of the board or run the German subsidiary on a temporary basis.

Business Administration

For Chinese organizations, tn consulting operates multiple administrative duties in Germany such as accounting, tax, legal bearings, office work and applying for approvals and licenses.

Talent Sourcing

Business expansion requires talented people. tn consulting supports with recruitment abroad and executes candidate search & screening on all levels.

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