Changing environments and technologies not only entail economic shifts, but also impose new challenges on the qualification of labor. tn consulting offers tailored education programs to align organizations and individuals with the digital present.

Exchange Programs

tn consulting executes visiting scholar programs and engages in temporary transfer of future leaders to enhance professional skills as well as intercultural capabilities. Our initiatives address strategic business challenges through hands-on, team-based and interactive learning.

Online Learning

In addition to our on-site programs, we offer online learning courses in the fields of digitization, smart manufacturing and modern technologies. Together with a wide range of experts from industry, research and academia, we design highly personalized courses according to your specific needs.


Train-the-Trainer is a concept that enables potential instructors to train other people. This means: A group of employees receives a compact training program from tn consulting that not only includes specific knowledge but also focuses on how to teach this training content to others inside their organization.