The globalized world with its rapidly changing environments and technologies not only entails economic shifts, but also imposes new challenges on the education and qualification of youths and the required skill sets of the working population. Thus, our educational initiatives strive to improve the quality of labor. Our aim is to adopt a state of continuous learning that aligns organizations and employees with the digital present. We believe that by using the synergies of creativity, culture and technology, companies can increase their innovation potential and competitive ability.

Our initiatives address strategic business challenges through hands-on, team-based and interactive learning while focusing on cultural change in digitization. We present modern educational methods such as virtual class rooms or online communities and provide a new way of learning. Together with a wide range of partners from education research and digital learning, we offer you a highly personalized approach tailored to your specific requirements. Within a supportive atmosphere, we help your organization members to attain the professional and personal growth they are pursuing. This also includes temporary or permanent migration and integration of skilled labor.

Our education initiatives:

Visiting scholar programs

Permanent transfer of skilled labor

Training, coaching and further education of employees

Education reforms & curriculum adaption

Legal provisions and accreditation in Germany 

Educational governance at organizational, regional and local level