Internationalization presents unlimited business opportunities, but the threat of disruption looms large. tn consulting as advisor and mediator is your professional partner for entering the German and Chinese market.


Many organizations have plans to grow their business in new markets but struggle to maximize their potential. We help to evaluate the suitability of your target market and serve as a guide throughout the entry process.


Together with local partners, tn consulting conducts in-depth analyses of the competitive environment. We identify main opportunities in a target market and highlight organizational implications to successfully execute the specified tasks.


An extensive network enables us to establish relevant cooperations and partnerships, from strategic alliances to key political figures. Our business partners are carefully selected to secure alignment with our ethos and vision. 


While defining the path forward through unknown environments, organizations often lack knowledge of local business principles and institutional structures. As experts for both Chinese and Western culture, we serve as a guide and overcome obstacles before they arise.


tn consulting organizes delegation trips in various industries and sectors. From coordinating the travel schedule and finding suitable business partners, to on-site support of the delegation in the visiting market – we provide the appropriate setting to establish and maintain business relations.